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On Wed, June 28 at 5PM CT, join Dr. Allison Bloom for a complimentary virtual event on LGBTQ family building.

Dr. Bloom, our LGBTQ+ Ambassador for The Prelude Network, is a reproductive endocrinologist at Main Line Fertility and will discuss options for conception, donor tissue, and answer questions after the presentation.

Our comprehensive fertility care services include:

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Donor Egg IVF

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Our clinics have helped countless patients achieve pregnancies using donated eggs. Through a relationship with , MyEggBank®, The Prelude Network has extensive access to qualified donors and donated tissue that has been vetted through a rigorous screening process. We can also work with a known egg donor, such as a friend, guiding them through the necessary screenings and ensuring they are prepared for the physical and emotional aspects of the donation process. Learn more in our blog.

As a Prelude Network patient, you will receive close consultation to help determine the best options for your family, including synchronous and asynchronous donor cycles and surrogacy services. For same-sex male couples, you may consider using sperm from both partners in the same IVF cycle. We also offer a wide range of diagnostic and genetic tests for tissue providers.

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Donor Sperm IVF and IUI

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When you’re ready to start or grow your family, our clinics are here to support you in a variety of ways. This includes treatment plans for individuals and partners who require donated sperm. You can choose a known donor, including a friend or family member who is not genetically related to the egg provider, or work with an FDA-approved sperm bank. In either case, we’ll ensure that the donated tissue is appropriately screened for quality and any known genetic conditions. Learn more in our blog.

The process of finding the right sperm donor can take time. While you make this important decision, your care provider will counsel you on next steps. Patients that do not require donated eggs have multiple treatment options including intrauterine insemination (IUI), a procedure in which a sperm sample is injected directly into the uterus. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is also a good option, especially if two female partners both want to provide eggs, or if the ovum provider is different from the person who will carry the pregnancy. Depending on your treatment plan, you may need more or fewer sperm samples.

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Reciprocal IVF

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Thanks to modern fertility science, same-sex female couples have several effective options for building the family of their dreams. One way for you to share in this journey is to have one partner provide the egg for in vitro fertilization, and another partner carry the pregnancy. This process, known as reciprocal IVF or co-maternity, gives both women the opportunity to physically participate in the act of procreation. Learn more in our blog.

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Gestational Carrier

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Our clinics have many years of experience coordinating pregnancies carried by a third party, also known as a gestational carrier or surrogate. Most prospective parents choose a gestational carrier with the help of a third-party agency. Gestational carrier agencies have a deep understanding of the financial, legal, and medical aspects of this specialized process, making them a great partner for you and for your entire fertility care team. If you choose to work with a carrier who you know personally, we recommend having legal counsel for the protection of everyone involved. Learn more in our blog.

Regardless of how you choose your gestational carrier, your care team will coordinate all necessary medical and psychological screenings — and, importantly, the embryo transfer following your successful IVF cycle.

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Affordable Fertility

The fertility journey can be complex emotionally and physically—but the financial aspect can also create strain on aspiring parents. Bundl Fertility was created by industry professionals who have all been on that journey.

By offering fertility treatment packages for a single up-front cost, Bundl makes financing treatments easier, whether you’re starting with IUI or anticipating multiple IVF retrievals. Bundl packages offer the option of financial protection to aspiring parents should their treatments be unsuccessful.* You can also customize your package to include genetic testing and egg bank access.

Building your family shouldn’t be a financial burden. Bundl gives you the freedom to pursue fertility treatment with less financial stress, empowering aspiring parents to focus on what matters most.

*Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

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